LISTEN: Owoso – “Facebook I”

Owoso is a strange bird of a band. With “Facebook I” as my sole introduction to their music, it’s hard to pin down one core sound, posited here not as a bad thing. The track starts off with gently strummed acoustic guitar, vehicle for a Crosby, Stills, and Nash-esque vocal delivery. That builds into a bombastic high that channels The Flaming Lips or maybe The Shipping News (heavy, plodding noise rock), but filtered through King Crimson and Grizzly Bear. I know, right? What is that even about, all of those influences materializing under one heading? But it makes sense in the context of the song, which is no small feat and one that certainly suggests unlimited possibility to come. This is thoughtful and well crafted music with a lot of heart and the kind of earnest vocals that you hope to encounter on your best days.

Listen below and hear what the fuss is about.