LISTEN: Tomberlin – “At Weddings”

Wow. Just wow. I bought new records today. I was given new records today. But instead of listening to the things that I’ve been waiting for, I can’t stop listening to At Weddings, the (apparent) debut by Tomberlin. Maybe it’s the gross weather or the general malaise in the air today, strange for a Friday, but Tomberlin’s music is absolutely beautiful, austere and stark, earnest and unflinching. Not quite the folk music of Joan Shelley, a Louisville contemporary, singer SB Tomberlin has a baroque quality to her voice, which is so incredibly moving. The music here is bittersweet and skews sad, an ominous portend given the title, a bleak engagement to say the least. There are qualities here of the gentle thoughtfulness of Elliott Smith, or even like the most recent Radiohead record, A Moon Shaped Pool. The tracks are constructed with simple instrumentation, guitar and synth primarily, the perfect platform for Tomberlin’s magical voice.

Listen to this right now. Let it flow through you, accepting it’s warming embrace on this wretched day, solace from the storm.