LISTEN: Watter – “Shadow Chase”

I did not expect a prog rock influenced Ennio Morricone to ever grace my ears, but here we are. There is an urgency to Shadow Chase, the latest and greatest from Watter, that plays with tension over the song’s all-too-short, two-and-a-half minute runtime. Imagine a chase across a dusty plain, your vehicle grimy with sweat and stacked thick with metal plating, odd spikes pointing out here and there. You’re not quite to your destination and the chuds are about to catch up to you and drink the water from your blood or whatever, and then Watter kicks in and blasts their synthed out desert space music, Western music by way of Vangelis, and you punch the nitrous and save the desolate community center from the Thirst Pirates. That’s pretty much the vibe here, like Goblin or Zombi as translated by Trans Am, performed by members of Grails, Slint, The Shipping News, and more. It’s just as righteous as I described and will absolutely get you hyped for the new record.

Listen below and put on your dust goggles first, so that you can hightail it into the sun as needed. Don’t let those rascals get you.