LISTEN: Dom B – “Moonshine” (Produced by Q-Mystik)

The few times I’ve tried to sip on legitimate moonshine, it burned so bad going down that I felt like a xenomorph was gonna bust out of my chest. Maybe I was drinking the wrong shit, or perhaps I’m a total wuss, either way I’ve never since really considered going out of my way to get more moonshine… until hearing the latest single from Dom B. The title of the new song is, you guessed it: “Moonshine.” 

Don’t get me wrong, I love bourbon and other hard liquors just as much as the next alcoholic, but moonshine as a recreational spirit in particular has never been appealing to me, but considering that it was an inspiration behind this new cut, I’m gonna have to give it another shot (pun intended). “Moonshine” is a smooth party track with a bangin’ beat, killer flows and a hook catchy enough to have you singing along by the end of your first listen. 

Don’t just sit there! Get yourself a mason jar, fill it with your favorite poison, and put this song on your “End of Summer Party” playlist right away. Thank me later.

Listen to “Moonshine” below: