LISTEN: Colin C – 1

With a title that is this understated, it’s no surprise that the accompanying music matches. The prospect of singer songwriter music can call all kinds of lame and with breakneck speed. Fortunately, Colin C shows an adeptness at mining the tension in the limitations of the genre, most notably in the comparable simplicity of the overall structure. He has a deft hand here at layering his instrumentation, primarily focusing on acoustic guitar and voice, the go to in a pinch, but fleshing it out by some atmospheric work on the electric guitar and some delicate piano play. This is an incredibly easy listen and one that you get lost in doing so, a bittersweet meditation that operates as much on the space between the notes as any formal harmony.

For fans of Tender Mercy, Sun Kil Moon, or Talk Talk, all music that is in no hurry to get to the end of the journey, this is your song. Listen below and let joy into your heart.