LISTEN: Buddy Crime – “LifeStyle Dramatic”

You already know William Carpenter as the drummer of noisy indie rock band Anwar Sadat, but now it’s time you drift your attention to his new solo project. Under the name Buddy Crime, Carpenter has just released a fucking killer 10-song album called LifeStyle Dramatic that absolutely deserves your attention.

What’s it sound like? These songs hit me like a wild mash-up of Heaven 17 and early Depeche Mode with a hint of the poppier side of KMFDM. While these tracks have a harsh, gritty feel to them, at their core they’re really well-crafted synth pop tunes, the sort of noise that really, really hits me in my soul’s sweet spot. I give this my absolute highest recommendation.

Listen to LifeStyle Dramatic in its entirety below: