LISTEN: Richard Herrell – MIC: A Louisville Poetry Anthology (Original Musical Score)

Over the years, we’ve become acquainted with the grit and grittiness part and parcel to a Filthy Rich track, and it would seem that the folks who produced MIC: A Louisville Poetry Anthology had that grimy vibe in mind too. There is something about Filthy’s production that just makes you feel dirty, perhaps a nod to his name, but definitely a moniker well earned. You roll the dice to this, do shady things to this, and otherwise just creep on a series of stone cold boppers that call to mind a definite narrative flow. Picture the street lights just out of eyesight when you’re sneaking out, up to no good. Imagine your breath, a cool fog in the night air, hoodie out. That’s the kind of feel you get listening to Filthy’s beats and it’s perfect for as the backdrop here.

Listen to this and bounce, but like, in a dark way and stuff.