REVIEW: Miracle Drug – “How Much Is Enough”

Miracle Drug
How Much Is Enough
War Records

If you are from Louisville and haven’t heard of Miracle Drug, the hardcore supergroup containing members of Supertouch, Mouthpiece, C.R., and By The Grace of God then you’ve had your head under a brick. They’ve been blasting the city with a chaotic punk rock passion that is as infectious as it is inspiring. Bricks Avalon, their singer, is 42 with the energy of a 10 year old. While you aren’t able to see that visually on their latest EP, How Much Is Enough, you can certainly feel it.

The EP starts with an infectious riff that doesn’t have a typical hardcore vibe, and that is a theme throughout How Much Is Enough. While certainly falling in the realm of hardcore, Miracle Drug are somehow able to do it a little bit differently at every moment. They sound polished and tight, but still punk rock. In some moments they sound metal, but still punk rock. They bring me back to the late 90’s/early 2000’s without ever sounding like a nostalgia act or a rehashing of what’s already been done.

What better time in the world for an amazing hardcore band like Miracle Drug to pop up? With the threat of Nazi’s, Nuclear War, and old right-wing nut-jobs taking all of our rights away there has never been a better time for Miracle Drug to scream in our face on songs like “Grudge.”  With lyrics such as, “How long can this go on? How much is enough,” the song becomes a sort of activation of your soul. Its as if Bricks is reaching in your chest and hitting the “ON” button to make you get the fuck up and do something.

I think that pretty much sums it up, Miracle Drug’s EP, How Much Is Enough really turns me on. Listen to it in its entirety below.