LISTEN: Am.Psych – Reasons

The promo copy that comes with the debut by Am.Psych suggests that this was a long awaited debut, which only really serves to isolate me from the material in a weird way; I have no idea who this is or what this is about. Should I? Have I beefed it somewhere? I don’t know. All I can really comment on is the strength of the material presented, which isn’t in my typical wheelhouse, but certainly well done. I know that Am.Psych is definitely into techno-industrial with more than a little metal leanings, like 90s-era NIN, Fear Factory, or maybe even Rammstein. The guitars are thick and visceral, the drums a plodding machines, mercilessly hammering out beats in the most brutal manner possible. The vocals sit on top, sung through gritted teeth, but melodic all the same. This is definitely a throwback to a different time and space, and the sort that makes me want to play Smash TV and just blow shit up, fun but rigidly brutalist in its art.

Listen below and probably bookmark a tab for gauntlets and flame throwers while you do, because this is the soundtrack for that.