LISTEN: Naive Melody – “Nothing to Lose”

My introduction to what has now come to be known as Vaporwave, was a friend who had engineered some “echo jams,” slowed down loops manipulated with a few effects, like Top 40 radio from the 80s and early 90s if you were taking a bunch of codeine (spoiler alert: don’t do that). I can’t say what exactly is happening here with Naive Melody, but that seems to be at least part of the mentality, a groove oriented new wave groove with more than a little funk, chopped and screwed like DJ Waffle House is serving you up a big ass heap of mutated pop ephemera. All that said, it sounds more like the core sample is just the foundation for the drum, bass, and keys laid out over top, rather than one long form sample as filtered through the lens of overt commercialization like so much Vaporwave comes off as. That’s not a knock either, but an appreciative nod at reclaiming the kind of forgotten music so often relegated to elevators or the background for consumerism in a way that breathes fresh air into it. Is that what’s happening here? I have no idea, but the vibe is right.

Listen below and wear shades in the daytime like the bad mofo that you are. Roll up the arms on your sport coat and set your tie on fire: where you’re going, you won’t need it.