LISTEN: The Rodspinnerz – “Heritage Compendium” (Mixtape)

Did you wake up today feeling like you needed a little Vangelis in your world? Like maybe you feel like a replicant and that you might get blade ran at any moment, or whatever? Then the Rodspinnerz have you covered with some retro-new wave ambient that feels lifted from the gnarliest of 80’s sci-fi and action movies. I definitely get the vibe that I’m being followed by a cyborg from the future or something equally as heinous and with an agenda to make my life double bogus, but the Rodspinnerz have your back by providing the soundtrack to your escape. Bust out your light bike and beat feet out of their, because that trench coat wearing Vape Ape is up to no goddamn good. And be prepared to get a little funky while you’re at it, like if all the sudden Prince and Bootsy Collins showed up at the nightclub all like, “come with me… if you want to groove.”

Listen below like you’re living off the grid in a robot infested 1997 nightmare.