As we mentioned before, we love talking about music here at Never Nervous, but when there’s an opportunity to write a few words about retro video games I really can’t help myself. That’s why we decided to create a new series of videos where we pit two members of the same band/group against each other as they play a retro video game of their choice from my library. We’re calling this series Game Weenie, which is a stupid play on words (Game Genie, get it?) but again, this is more or less a fun excuse to blend our love of games and Louisville’s music community into something fun.

The fourth Game Weenie episode features an intense square-off between RMLLW2LLZ and DJ DS as they play NBA JAM T.E. on Sega Genesis! This go-around was recorded at a house show/party inside Never Nervous Headquarters a few weeks ago (check out the recap here) which explains the bit of crowd noise in the background. To give this matchup a bit of added flavor, we decided to put in a couple codes enabling the to play as The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff, so there’s that.

Watch the heated duel below: