WATCH: Quiet Hollers get beaten to a pulp in their video for “Pressure”

I can’t remember a more fun-loving, knee-slapping belly-laugher of a music video like the latest from Quiet Hollers, which showcases the band collectively getting their asses whipped in a wrestling ring by Kongo Kong who stands at 6′ 7″ and weighs in at 376 pounds. That’s a lotta man right there. The song featured is a short, uptempo rocker called “Pressure” which can be found on the band’s latest record Amen Breaks.

There’s no deeper meaning behind this video, just a fun-as-fuck excuse to watch one of Louisville’s favorite bands get into the squared circle and then proceed to get beaten to a pulp. If there’s a deeper meaning behind these visuals, I missed it and I don’t care. It’s worth mentioning that Howell Dawdy makes a cameo appearance as the over-the-top ring announcer only adding to the zaniness of the situation.

Watch the video for “Pressure” below; for more information, check out a cool feature/interview at It’s Still Real To Us.