WATCH: Delafaye – “Thinking of You”

What a joy it is to hear a new Delafaye track, here a live performance of a newer number. “Thinking of You” is a testament to his skill as an artist to craft a track that divorced from the trappings of the recording studio. To be clear, of his charms, his time spent layering his music is well appreciated, missing here, but an interesting study in how he uses his music to build narratives. Lyrically, he lays himself bare, addressing issues of loneliness, stark and devoid of hubris; this is a meditation not only on the story told, but in the tactile imagery that he uses to build his world, one filled with bad decision drinking, and one too many cigarettes.

Performed in what seems to be an empty bar, alone and with no audience. This is a private conversation, one that we’re privy to only by the grace of the digital light. Is this a comment on the emptiness of social media and the internet, in the little moments that we give up to fit in? Is it a moment captured in amber of an earnest soul? The fact that you have options for interpretation only speaks to the timelessness of his piece, and one well worth considering; we’ve all been there.

Watch for his new EP, Air Devil Sessions, an all acoustic affair to drop September 15th via Street Mission Records. And check out the video below.