LISTEN: Jaxon Lee Swain – “Never Takin Em Off”

It always kind of stuck in my craw to hear my musician friends and acquaintances talk about doing traditional rock and rock stuff like they were breaking the indie rock law or something, like their punk is just going old school. It just kind of baffled me that it needed to be a statement, as if there wasn’t and hasn’t always been a glut of dudes with guitars getting rowdy with amps, myself included. This is all a preface though, to say that for whatever reason, I never get that vibe -like this is just some fad or something- from Jaxon Lee Swain and crew. Yeah, this is about blues rock & roll as it gets, almost of the punch-holes-in-your-speakers-to-get-distortion variety, but with just a little modern edge. You hear the Stones and Chuck Berry in Swain’s music, a rollicking throwback that sneers all the way to the bank. But all that said, it feels earnest somehow, which is a tough row to hoe when your only means of communicating is through the recorded song. How could I possibly hear motivation in that?

Regardless, this is the real deal, or at least I’m enchanted enough to feel so. Blast this at a party and watch people boogie, a phrase I’m less than apt to use, but which is only natural in context. Cigarettes get smoked and you drive to fast to this. You definitely wear leather jackets and shades regardless of the time of day it is, you Corey Hart looking sonofabitch, and more power to you. Listen below and feel the heat.