LISTEN: Lou Blutooth – “Post-Flirtations”

As of this writing, it’s early the Monday post Forecastle, a three day period where I stand on my feet for 8 hour stretches in the sun and primarily consume things that dehydrate my body, like the wiz kid that I am. I’ve had my ears stuffed with music of all varieties, from loud sub-bass heavy EDM or hip-hop to bombastic rock bands and everything in between. Enter the music of Lou Blutooth, which made it’s way to my mind’s ear by way of our mailbox. Don’t sleep on just reaching out to us, because we always want to find the time to give you a moment. And I’m glad that I did, as Blutooth offers up a chill kind of War on Drugs vibe, like a jangling, new wave touched Springsteen. The guitars are crystal clear, the drums driving, and the vocals introspective and thought provoking. This is the best music to cure sensory overload, dense and chill for the most part, save for a few bits where Blutooth goes for it.

Listen to him getting it below and probably think about buying a Member’s Only jack like the boss bastard that you are.