LISTEN: Ted Tyro – “Milk Crate Castle” b​/​w “Mount of Olives”

It’s hard to describe Ted Tyro, and I say that after years of trying. They have this thing going where their music sounds somehow dusty, like it was recorded on toy instruments in a basement. I can’t tell you why I feel that way, other than the lo-fi production techniques that they employ, which adds a little extra dash of charm to the otherwise indescribable. There are qualities here that are almost electronic, albeit as filtered through bands like Air or even Beach House, pre-programmed drums serving as the backdrop for playful melodies. Like all of their previous releases, there is thick veneer of reverb covering everything, adding a weird distance to their recordings, like you’re hearing them practice in a cave at the end of your street (although I have no idea what street your living on that ends in a cave). It’s a cool touch though, and again adds a lot to the mix.

Listen below and try to puzzle out how to identify their sound below. It’s a fun dilemma to have, and one that we all need a little more of in our life.