Thoughts by your boy Syd
As I write this it is approximately 3000 degrees outside with a humidity somewhere around breathing water. Hell, just looking out the window makes me sweat, and here I am sitting in an air conditioned room like the dirty American shit-heel that I am. I’m a firm believer that music helps build your atmosphere, and the attendant climate here along with the newest from ÐIZZY WØLFE, the rejuvenated solo project of Tyler Thurman from Local Haunt. To be clear, now that CELS singer Morgan Boeckel is on board with Thurman with Local Haunt, he’s shifted here as a front for his solo material, which is equally superlative. This is dark as hell made musty and dry by the blistering heat that surrounds us all. This is sticky music that you listen to, teeth gritted as you think about your transgressions, or those perpetrated on you. 

Thoughts by the homie eternal, Allen Poe
Sensual Electo-Synth-Pop so good it makes you wonder why you haven’t already bought your partner a bottle of Dussé and made a slow jams mixtape for them. That’s kind of where I’m at with this new single from Dizzy Wolfe, “Only You.” It’s moody and dark and makes you want to share a single snuggie with another person. Listen below.

Blast this in the shimmering ether of the scalding summer sun and try not to drive to fast into the sunset. Listen below.