LISTEN: Base – “yeah tell that to an angry mob”

When I encounter the term “base,” it kind of makes me feel like an old coot, because I really have no idea to what it directly refers. That said, my experience tells me it’s gritty and burned out hip-hop, like you can feel the smoke coming off the speakers, because the compressors can’t keep up with all the action, the levels all glowing an evil red. That’s certainly the case with Base -rhyme intended- which sees experimental composer and multi-instrumentalist William Ragland exploring the darker sides of hip-hop. This is hella groady, but in the best way with grungy beats, static heavy samples, and the kind of sub-bass that would’ve made you a super star on Preston Highway in Okolona back in the day. But there is nothing poppy about this EP, yeah tell that to an angry mob, which bounces hard with an unflinching menace. You put this on to scare mee-maws and freak out squares, like Death Grips ramped up and stripped down all at once.

Listen below and think about slapping the vape out of some twerp’s hands. Be the change you want to see in the world.