LISTEN: Chris Kincaid – “Splashiest Catechists”

It’s a sunny day and here I am listening to a flurry of bleeps blopping at the edge of a melody, like the lucid dream of a randy Terminator. On Splashiest Catechist by ex-Karass guitarist/keyboardist/thingist Chris Kincaid, beats come in and out, coupled by chopped up vocal samples, as if the goddamned trash robots from the Transformers decided to DJ the weirdest party in the universe, a hip-hop blast of cultural ephemera and sonic oddities. There is a serious groove that flows just underneath the surface, a hyper-kinetic rainbow of sounds. My go to comparisons for the kind of maximalism found here is FlyLo or Prefuse 73, cut ably here by a steady Warp Records undercurrent of Autechre or newer acts like Belarisk. The beauty is, you can’t really pin Kincaid’s sound down to any one thing and it’s a thing of glory. What the fuck am I listening to?

This is a short release, or at least an especially bottom heavy release, with the bulk of the music coming at the tail end of the track listing. This is perhaps the only problem that I have as a listener, although as a musician, the tracks crafted here almost definitely took a lot of work to get that kind of attention to detail. You can pick the album up this Friday at Zanzabar during Kincaid’s record release show, featuring Exacta Cube and Ibbur. Listen below and get lost in the static.