I rolled out of bed with a well earned hangover from Forecastle day one and raced to Safai for what has become a sort of remedy for such situations: coffee and crepes, baby. Aww shit, now we’re talking. This is how you get your scrambled brain properly back in order and ready to tackle Forecastle day two! Hell yeah! Read on as we entertain you with thoughts and memories on what we saw with our eyes and heard with our over sized ears. (If you’re looking for our Forecastle day one recap, go here or our day three recap, go here)

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’re looking for the photos we took from Forecastle, go here.

Photo by Miranda Hellman
Photo of Lucy Dacus by Miranda Hellman

Lucy Dacus has an incredible voice and it’s paired with wonderful songwriting. Her performance early on Forecastle Saturday, while reserved and low energy, was technically flawless. Particularly exciting were the new tracks that, according to her, “probably won’t be out for a long time.” It’s cool, we’ll wait.

Photo by Miranda Hellman
Photo of Jack Harlow by Miranda Hellman

Jack Harlow had some dude come out and rap half of the words to a bunch of other peoples songs to “turn up” the crowd. By the time, he came out 10-15 minutes of his set had been wasted. Seeing Jack would have been the best way to pump up the crowd. It gave off a vibe of insecurity, especially since we later watched Vince Staples command the same stage with nothing but a mic and an orange screen (more on that later).

Photo by Miranda Hellman
Photo of Sturgill Simpson by Miranda Hellman

Sturgill Simpson melted my face, mind, and soul. Tearing through extended jams of songs like “Turtles All The Way Down,” “Welcome To Earth (Pollywog),” and “Living The Dream” the band was probably the tightest I’ve ever seen live. Simpson’s stage banter was on point as well when he proclaimed, “We’re getting on a plane and going to Tokyo to play Fuji Rocks next week. You know how many fucking country singers from Kentucky have said that?” Then he held his hand up to make a zero.

Watch a video of Sturgill Simpson playing “Welcom To Earth (Pollywog)” below:

Photo by Jennifer Montague
Photo of Beach Slang by Jennifer Montague

Ever year, there seems to be a band or two that doesn’t exactly fit into the Forecastle mold. Last year I felt that the loud-as-fuck shoe gaze from Nothing felt a bit out of place, but awesome nevertheless. I felt a similar feeling while watching Philadelphia punk rockers Beach Slang who would have fit in perfectly on a Krazy Fest roster. Having said that, they fucking ruled from start to finish as they blasted through their set of up beat, catchy-as-hell tunes. One thing I don’t understand is how singer/guitarist Alex Beach wears that damned suit in 90 degree weather. I mean, he looks great and all, but damn, I hope he wore plenty of deodorant.

Photo by Miranda Hellman
Photo of Vince Staples by Miranda Hellman

We arrived just in time to watch Vince Staples play under the bridge, but as we walked up I noticed that the stage was completely empty. There wasn’t a DJ or a set of turn tables… there was literally nothing on the stage aside from one microphone on a stand with a weird orange screen as a sort of back drop. Precisely on time (which is kind of weird for hip hop) Staples walked out and proceeded to put on one of the more memorable shows I’ve ever seen. He managed to energetically take up the entire stage as a one-man wrecking crew which was weirdly awesome.

I’ve got to commend him on his awkward selection of songs he performed — let me be clear, every song was awesome, but there was a weird energy as the young folks were looking to get turned up, and despite having a nice catalogue of fist pumping bangers, Vince did his thing his way performing more than a few weirder jams. Yes, he did end up playing his well known party starters (“Blue Suede” & “Norf Norf”) but I had a better time watching him be him, which was strangely incredible.

Our view of LCD Soundsystem
Our view of LCD Soundsystem

I’d call myself a casual fan of LCD Soundsystem, so forgive us for not getting a full-on erection over seeing them live. Considering none of the NN crew felt that they had to watch them up close and personal, we watched it through binoculars from a condo on the river with a ridiculous view. We had a blast watching them from above while drinking bourbon and eating pizza. We danced, we laughed, we might have cried, I don’t remember, honestly. What I’m sure of is that Forecastle ’17 day two was an enormous heap of fun, and I can’t wait for day three.