BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: We made a Poorcastle ’17 recap video! And it’s AWESOME!

And just like that, the fifth rendition of Poorcastle has come and gone and it’s time to sort out the memories the best we can, which will be hard considering the amount of bands we watched, beers we drank, friends we hugged, and foods we ate. In short, Poorcastle has yet again provided our town with a killer homegrown festival with a diverse collection of bands and artists that all hail from our great city of Louisville; to say that the three of us (Phil, Jake & Syd) had a great time would be a tragic understatement. We had a blast watching bands/artists we already knew and loved, but for me personally I loved getting acquainted with a few that I was completely unaware of.

As we’ve seen in the last few go-arounds, Poorcastle ran precisely on time without a hitch. If there was a lag or any sort of mentionable problem, we didn’t witness it as Shaina Wagner and crew maintained a tight schedule and comfortable atmosphere for newcomers and returning Poorcastlers alike. A positive energy radiated throughout our stay as seemingly everyone was having a great time even as the crowd relentlessly grew and grew.

We made a video to recap our experience at Poorcastle, and while it doesn’t come close to exhibiting every band or person that made this festival such a success, we did our best to document what we could.

Watch our Poorcastle Recap video below:

Also, as a sort of bonus, I made a video showcasing part of Future Killer‘s set on Saturday night. I’d never seen them before, but loved what I’d heard thus far so this was my introduction to them as a live entity. And holy shit, they were fucking awesome. My only complaint is that it was dark and I was drunk after their set and forgot to buy merch/music from them. Shit.

Check out the video below: