LISTEN: The Hell You Say – “A Dream and the Monsters at the End of it​.​.​.”

Sometimes you just need a blast of finger pointing hardcore with all the bells and whistles. Scream along parts? Check! Chug-chug breakdowns? You’re damned straight. The Hell You Say has the perfect solution to all that pent up frustration. This is what you put on to bust shit up, like when you want to spin kick life in the mouth. I’m pretty sure we all feel that way sometimes, that ugliness inside just simmering and ready to boil over. There are boss guitar breaks down and four on the floor beats that satisfy. The singer here is on point with his screams, which to my mind is no small feat; it’s hard to stay on key at that volume, let alone that intense.

Like all good things this is too short. I would posit that’s a good thing here, not as any slight on the music, but in getting in, banging out a top bop, and getting out. Brevity here is a power play, a little flex on their end, to show you that they’ve got the chops, but like Kenny Rogers, know when to hold them, and when to fold them. Listen below and try not to wig out wherever life finds you today.