LISTEN: Quiet Hollers – “Amen Breaks”

After months of singles and music videos, Amen Breaks is at last out and about via sonaBLAST! Records. Physically you can buy the new Quiet Hollers album on CD (vinyl coming later), but if that sort of thing ain’t up your alley it’s also available as a digital download on iTunes. It’s also available on just about every streaming service you can think of, so there’s your “I don’t want to pay these assholes any money!” option.

On a lot of Amen Breaks, Quiet Hollers goes in a bit of a different direction from their 2015 self titled record as these songs for the most part are a bit slower, quieter and wonderfully solemn. While Shadwick Wilde’s warm and cozy voice has always been the engine that makes this band go (for me), his vocals on this record manage to take even more of a front seat as a lot of these tracks have a stronger singer-songwriter vibe to them where on their last album I was feeling more of a rock and roll attitude.

That’s not to say there aren’t a few rockin’ tunes on this record, because there certainly are, but for me these songs for the most part play out like a therepeutic soundtrack to getting in your car and impulsively heading West for no reason in particular other than getting the fuck away from everybody for a while (one of these days I’ll do it, I swear!). I’m really diggin’ the heavy introspective vibe, it’s got a Andrew Bird meets Nebraska-era Bruce Springsteen vibe.

Buy Amen Breaks here; listen to it via Spotify below: