WATCH: Brenda – “Night School”

Poppy indie rockers Brenda continue their nonstop good-time parade with a killer new music video featuring their song “Night School,” the title track from their most recent EP. The song is an fun, uptempo number that tells a story about a sort of delinquent character named “Motherfucking Mike” who also happens to be the main character of the music video. He gleefully terrorizes his high school faculty, all of which are played by Brenda bandmates (my favorite is Principle Matt Horne). The video ends in a classic school dance setting where Mike spikes the punch, leading the faculty to let loose and become the rock and roll fun makers they really are: Brenda.

No, that wasn’t the best description of what this video entails, but I can assure that it rules, as does the song. Watch it below: