LISTEN: The Aasee Lake – “Demos”

The first time I heard instrumental indie rock trio The Aasee Lake was on a compilation CD from Noise Pollution called In Native Soil, a collection of punk and indie rock songs constructed in our great city of Louisville. I initially purchased the CD at Better Days sometime around 1999 or 2000 after looking at the track listing which featured songs from a few bands I was into such as Bodyhammer, Elliott and Cherub Scourge. At this point in my life I was a high school senior that had just begun to get into this sort of noise with a sponge-like attitude ready to give an an honest listen to anything and everything.

The song I immediately gravitated to was The Aasee Lake’s “Amazing Stories,” a mostly instrumental indie rock tune with beautiful, clean guitar riffing and rolling drums and an emotional, heartfelt climax. This song spoke to me in a way that no music had as of yet, so naturally I listened to this track over and over again and added it to several mix tapes.

Unfortunately for me, as I was getting really into this one incredible song The Aasee Lake were already at the end of their short lived existence (97-99). I couldn’t find any other released material outside of a couple seven inch records which did nothing for me as I didn’t have a record player at the time.

Over the years, I’ve managed to get my hands on one the Two Song Introduction To A Suicide Note seven inch record they released on Barlow’s Nerd Rock record label which rules, but that was the end for me, at least until a few years later when Aasee Lake front dude Duncan Barlow (Endpoint, Guilt, By the Grace of God) thankfully decided to put up a slew of songs on Bandcamp, most of which weren’t previously released.

This collection of music was actually made available three years ago, and it was awesome then, but for whatever reason I’ve recently fallen back in love with these songs compelling me to remind folks of how great this noise is. Each track for the most part has aged particularly well as clever instrumental indie rock that was quite obviously created in a different era, but remains just as enjoyable today.

Listen to The Aasee Lake demos below:

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