BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: Winger Brothers & John the Band Opened Up For A Pinball Machine! (7/2)

Admittedly, I’ve never cared about Batman. Even all the Heath Ledger B.S. never intrigued me. After going to the unveiling of the Batman Super LE Stern Pinball Machine at Zanzabar, I realized I’ve been watching the wrong Batman. The party, which as I said was an unveiling of a killer new pinball machine was also a sort of celebration of Adam West who recently passed away.

The celebration was a blast with tons of people dressed as their favorite characters from the franchise and was capped off with a pair of fun performances from The Winger Brothers and John The Band. The bands performed in front of a projection of the classic Batman TV show from the 60’s; my eyes were fixated on the outrageous goings on of the classic Adam West TV series that was playing behind a few bands that played. Some bad guys had faces that couldn’t move, saran wrap was used to tie someone to railroad tracks, and sometimes a character would just walk the long way around props for dramatics. It was silly and wildly entertaining.

Check out a cool video I took from the show below.

Oh, and here are some pictures of that pinball machine.