LISTEN: TinyForest – “Everything You’ve Ever Held On To”

Are you ready to get mad mild this afternoon? I’m guessing yeah, or if not then you probably should be. Who doesn’t want to hammock out and just coast on that nice breeze? I’m thinking it’s just jerks that feel that way, and if you’re a jerk why are you reading this? You can put that sweet, sweet TinyForest into your earholes down below and maybe it’ll chill you out in a way that still pumps you way up. Get mild pumped already, jeez.

So what am I on about? Oh, it’s that wonderfully weird magic that producer Dave Carrol brings to all his bops, a hazy afternoon decked out with top trap work and definitely some sweet rims. There is a cool energy here that has a nice dynamic, but low-key feel. This is shades music, like the sort that you put on and just vibe out to, not unlike DROPXLIFE, Balam Acab, or maybe Boards of Canada, but only after some cough syrup. Listen below and get into it.