LISTEN: Cousins – “Silent Mouth”

Cousins is back and better than ever, like they haven’t missed a beat. You know, maybe it’s just the heat that’s got me in this headspace, the sun high and hot at this time of year (well… most of the year, thanks global warming), but there is something dusty and dark about the opening here. With a shimmering almost Western style opening, the riffs are huge and the drums plod heavily, ominous and brooding. And then comes that chorus. How does the guitar sound even bigger? Do they have one of those fancy bigonator pedals that probably Tony Iommi has or something? I’m guessing yes.

This is a stormy jam that weaves in a lot of disparate elements in a way that makes absolute sense. You can hear moments of Jawbox, Husker Du, and Mission of Burma here, all post-punk with a lot of charm. Cousins have a tight sound that relies heavy on dynamic shifts and it really works in a way that demands you nod along. Expect big chunky riffs and the kind of chorus that requires you to sing along. So maybe don’t listen at work, unless you’re ready to freak out your coworkers.

Listen below and check them out this weekend at Poorcastle.