INTERVIEW: Alex Smith Reveals the Secrets of Space Time via Trump’s Rump!

Louisville’s own Alexander Smith made waves recently with this image (pictured below) of the Fibonacci spiral on Trump’s rump. You might recognize Smith from his work with the amazing Lydia Burrell or Howell Dawdy, his Beck like alter ego. Smith is naturally funny, with a wry sense of humor that speaks to me (and many others), so we thought we’d reach out to him for a brief talk on his recent e-fame. You can check out his music below, and help us celebrate his fifteen (second) minutes with questions about Trump, the universe, and G(g)od.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 10.17.37 AM

Never Nervous: Let’s cut to the chase: you only did this to secure your title again as best Twitter feed through the LEO, right? You don’t have to lie to make friends.

Alex Smith: Let me say this: the year I won Leo Best Twitter feed I went down to the awards ceremony and my friend Michael was there & he gave me an extra ticket he had for Louder Than Life Fest. I took that & went & rode a ferris wheel while Collective Soul played The World I Know. So yes.

NN: On a scale of one to fuck yeah, how much of a fan are you of Fibonacci? I mean that in general and also relative to his math work. What’s your favorite thing about him?

AS: Man I love Fibonacci. Everything about him or her is extremely cool to me. And very smart to know about.

NN: How do you feel that the Fibonacci spiral reveals something about the universe? Relative to that, how did you come to notice it in Donald Trump’s ass? Is that something that you typically consider, his ass?

AS: The Fibonacci spiral reveals about the universe that if you put the spiral on something, everyone in the universe goes ‘holllly shit’.

I have considered Trump’s ass a lot lately because it’s been in the news a lot, and let’s face it, it’s pretty good. Trump has a round, cute, old guy, Frisch’s Big Boy caboose, and I wanna spank it. He said I can spank it if I get 18 million retweets.

“Trump has a round, cute, old guy, Frisch’s Big Boy caboose, and I wanna spank it.”

NN: Was this a political statement? Do you love Trump or just Fibonacci? What is love, really?

AS: Love is where your heart’s at home. Fibonacci lives there, Trump doesn’t. Not a fan, though if he causes a reduction in presidential power & erodes some of the misplaced priority we put on presidential elections, that could do our country some good. But no he sucks except for his ass

NN: What do you think this says about Trump and the impending doom he has promised to bring to the poor of the United States?

AS: I guess you could look at the picture as a metaphor… Trump isn’t working because he’s rich, so he’s playing tennis. But he’s terrible at tennis, because he’s not good at things. But people are taking pictures of him, because he’s rich. That’s as far as I’ve gotten on the metaphor

NN: Since this was shared by George Takei, I’m assuming you’ve met him already? Tell me your favorite story about your time with George Takai?

AS: George was with me on the ferris wheel at Louder Than Life while Collective Soul was playing. When the wheel stopped, George said ‘They can’t make us get off the wheel’. Then they made us get off the wheel.

NN: How does finding the Fibonacci Spiral on Trump’s ass tie into your music? How has it changed you as a musician?

AS: The shares on that image are the most anyone has ever seen the name ‘Lydia Burrell’. This has crushed me creatively & I am now a bitter, empty husk sleepwalking my way through a living hell.

NN: Do you think it says something that no one has found the same in Hillary Clinton? Maybe this was divine?

AS: Hmm I wonder if Vince Foster found it. Just kidding, but google ‘Vince Foster murder’ but also just kidding. But look it up.

NN: Is there a God? Let’s end there.

AS: nah

Photo Credit for image of Alexander Smith by Chris Petot