LISTEN: Sather Bass – “Cosmic Frequencies” – All Original Mix

And here is Sather Bass ready to blast space noises and drop weirdo beats into your brain, the kind of thing that makes this geezer here wish he could skate. Clocking in at near an hour long, this is the kind of bopper that comes in and out with the hard bleeps and blops, a forest of sampled sounds that keeps you guessing at what comes next, but never stops moving. I mused the last time I wrote on Sather Bass of my relationship to dubstep, a relationship that has but barely evolved in the interim time, although I have a little better understanding of it. Back in my day we called it IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), which is probably the most condescending bullshit that I’ve ever heard. Like how is someone smarter for listening to Autechre or something?

But that kind of thing is what you’ll get here a dense morass of glitchy sounds and bang-ass beats. This is a fun mix, the kind of thing you blast at a pool party or something like that, someone grilling in the background, you in the water on a float, a shandy in hand just soaking it all in. That isn’t to say that this is mild, but that the length and structure makes way for a weirdly beguiling ambiance, and one that sets a definite ton. Put this on and freak out old people with your Robo-tunes.