LISTEN: LateNight – “Nebula” (prod. by Taijon Smith)

I’d like to introduce you all to what I think should from this point forward be identified as “Ghost Bops,” which are creepy beats seething with a cool darkness set to haunt you. LateNight’s voice is high and digital, possibly auto-tuned or pitched, but a cyborg of human and technological aspects all the same. As such, LateNight is kind of the spirit of 2017, an increasingly connected society, plugged in and tuned out. Aptly named, this is the stuff of quiet nights spent alone, steam coming out of your mouth in the cool air, looking at the stars blotted out by the light noise part and parcel to city life. You listen to this while driving, passing neon lights and bad decisions, questioning your past.

What does this sound like? I don’t know. LateNight sounds young, but patient, the tenor of youth, but the coiled tension of experience. The lyrics are clever and pensive, draped in the syntax of the young, but accessible to anyone willing to listen. This is smartly made music that will stick with you, an easy, if off-putting listen, only in the underlying tension. Listen below and dig deep.