LISTEN: Shawn Sleeps Naked – “You’ve Changed”

It’s been a minute since any new music from Shawn Sleeps Naked, or at least it certainly seems that way. I’ve always been an admirer of music that seems atypical for the season. That’s subjective to say the least, but from my perspective, the Fall and Winter are cool down seasons, when you listen to music that chills or at least is on that general path. Of course, Spring and Summer take the opposite approach as the baseline soundtrack for your good times. By my estimation, that means loud and energetic, neither of which are especially attributes I would ascribe to Shawn Sleeps Naked, at least for the most part. This isn’t necessarily melancholic or dark, but just relaxed. You won’t find heavy distortion or big beats here, but lo-fi production and 60’s inspired Beach Boys melodies.

I submit that not as a bad thing, but as an interesting dichotomy to what is in my mind traditional summer jams. There is an incredibly laid back energy to the music of SSN, jangly and loose, with more than a dash of 90’s slacker rock like Pavement or Smog. Jam this out on a sunny afternoon out running errands, the backdrop to your thoughts and quieter moments, and let it be the soundtrack to your get down, a maximum mild maneuver that will put you in a good mood.

Listen below and just coast.