WATCH:The Night Birds – “Honey Come On Out”

A cool music video was recently made featuring a song from The Night Birds called “Honey Come On Out”. The song itself is a warm, heart-felt tune that (as I’ve said before) makes me think of Springsteen’s classic Nebraska record. Isaac Mingo’s soulful voice and delicate acoustic guitar take center stage with a dash of decorative piano and dobro for added atmosphere. Download the song for free here.

The video, which was directed, shot, and edited by DM Meyer of Flick of the Quill  is a narrative that centers around a young couple in Louisville with a few shots of Mingo playing his guitar in different locations downtown. I’m not entirety sure what the story is, but the video is gorgeous and expertly shot, and definitely worth a watch. To get a better handle on the video, I asked Mingo himself to elaborate:

“It’s basically boy + girl, everything’s good sometimes, other times it’s hell, and it keeps getting worse and worse. Essentially the video is the song expanded.”

Catch The Nightbirds at the Poorcastle Afterparty on Saturday, July 8 at Highlands Taproom. For more details on the show, go here. In the meantime, watch the video below: