LISTEN: Earth Vibrations Vol. 1: Midnight in Louisville [Compilation]

Philadelphia based record label Datura Sound┬árecently released Earth Vibrations Vol. 1: Midnight in Louisville, which turns out to be a killer compilation featuring only bands and artists from Louisville. I don’t know who’s behind this label and/or the comp, but to whoever that may be, I’d like to congratulate them for putting together a fuckin’ killer collection of noise. What’s the motivation behind it’s inception?

Here’s what the label itself had to say about the comp:

A wild and wonderful survey of the current state of DIY in Louisville, Kentucky. Featuring a broad range of music and musicians from the greatest city in the Bluegrass State, “Earth Vibrations Vol. 1: Midnight in Louisville” is sure to excite all lovers of free and independent voices. Let this transcendental digital download experience (physical cassette tape medium release forthcoming) lead you down a path of boundless potential.

There a few familiar tunes such as Vestige Glitschen‘s oddly enduring toe tapper “Baby Boy” and Anwar Sadat‘s KMFDM-meets-Depeche Mode banger “Ubik”, but the meat of this assembly (for me) lies in a few choice cuts that are either brand new, or I just haven’t heard before, some of which from bands I’d never heard of. The song I immediately gravitated to was Shutaro Noguchi‘s “Midnight Sun.” The track opens up like an edgier Washed Out track then mutates into an abrasive, almost punishing vibe for a moment, then works itself back to an upbeat, hopeful energy. It’s a trip, man.

As of right now, the compilation is only available digitally, but it is my understanding that it will eventually be released on cassette. For a full track listing and more information on the comp, go here.

Listen to Earth Vibrations Vol. 1: Midnight In Louisville below: