BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: Little Hurricane & Bendigo Fletcher Rocked Z-Bar (6/14)!

I went to Zanzabar on Wednesday, June 14th not knowing what to expect, but ventured out because I was told that I needed to see San Diego’s Little Hurricane by a friend that I trust. All I knew about them was that they were a two piece band that straddled a line between delta blues and pop rock. As a bass player, I’m always skeptical of seeing an act without one. To say that I was blown away would be an understatement.

The night started off with local act Bendigo Fletcher, another band I hadn’t heard before then. I was pleasantly surprised by their unique sound. They are typically a five piece but played as a 3 piece with guitar, bass, and drums this night. They’re reminiscent of a trippy, tenor John Lennon. The guitar work is unique and dripping wet with chorus. It’s definitely worth a listen.


Then Little Hurricane came out and blew the roof off of the place. The drummer CC is an a true personality on drums. Wearing a sequin dress, she relentlessly beat the hell out of her drums with an infectious and honest smile plastered on her face the entire time. Her drums had a huge, dry tone that made them some of my favorite I’ve ever heard live.

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Lead guitarist and lead singer (CC chimes in with vocals periodically) Tone is a true talent. His stage setup featured a slide guitar, a piano, a separate antique and slightly distorted mic, 3 guitars, a pedal board with at least 10 pedals if not more, and an antique end table that functioned as his speaker cabinet. Despite what I would call an overwhelming setup, his playing and the sounds from his playing were all flawless. While his guitar playing obviously gives Little Hurricane a delta blues influence as a base, he’s very comfortable fitting in many different genres. All the while, CC’s powerful drumming takes it all to the next level making it impossible not to dance.

Check out the live version of their new track “Real Love” below.

Top photo of Little Hurricane by George Blosser

One thought on “BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: Little Hurricane & Bendigo Fletcher Rocked Z-Bar (6/14)!

  • June 16, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    I was also at this show. Love CC & Tone! This marked my 5th time seeing them live, and again, was blown away. The big disappointment was the size of the crowd. There couldn’t have been more than 45 people at Z-bar that night. While that’s great for those of us that got ‘front row seats’, that’s gotta suck for an artist. Thanks for recording “Real Love”, as it’s fairly different than the version on the album. Oh, and kudos to the gal who dove in and saved the day when a leg on CC’s floor tom collapsed during their final song. The look on CC’s face was priceless. She managed to hold it up and keep drumming until the nice spectator jumped in to tighten the leg back up. This was also my first full show in the newly renovated stage area, and wow, I was pretty impressed. It’s now a true music venue. I’ll miss the intimacy of the old stage but at least everyone in the room can get a clear view of the stage now.

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