BEHOLD: The Seven Sense Festival Lineup!

August 18th and 19th keeps the good times rolling with the Seven Sense Festival, a two day event that’s kind of like a low-key SXSW featuring some of the biggest up and comers rocking the block. Hosted at both the Swiss Hall & Swiss Park and Zanzabar, the Seven Sense Festival has loads of fancy drinks and foods for you to get your grub on (and totally pig out if you want… don’t let Ice Cube tell you otherwise!), with bands killing it throughout the day. On top of that, they’ve got yoga, aerial arts, arts & crafts booths and all kinds of stuff to keep you occupied while you do the kind of damage to your hearing that we need medical science to repair. Get on it already, nerds!

That band list is right on, with a who’s who of local bad-assery like Quiet Hollers, Otis Junior & the Jesse Lees, Howell Dawdy, and a ton more, not to mention acts like the might Lung (featuring our homie Daisy!) or the weirdo psych group Diane Coffee.  I’m pretty sure that there is something in the line up that’ll get you rowdied up and live. Check out the list below and go raw!

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 12.59.14 PM

And did I mention that the festival benefits the Boys and Girls Haven in Louisville? Well, I mean, obviously I didn’t and this is rhetorical, but get hip to this righteousness now, y’all. Not only are they literally helping out kids in need, but they’re also looking to work with the Louisville MERF or Musician’s Emergency Resource Foundation, which is an awesome way to give back to the people giving so much.

The event is Friday, August 18th from 5pm-11pm and Saturday from 12pm to 11pm (outside), with music continuing on indoors until 2am. The event is mostly all ages, unless you’re indoors (so after 11pm) and then it’s 21+. It’s in a bar, so that makes a lot of sense really. Stay tuned for more details as we know them.