WATCH: Quiet Hollers – “St. Valentine’s Boys”

There is something special about the track St. Valentine’s Boys, the newest from Quiet Hollers, that offers a calming center to put on and meditate with. This is the sort of thoughtful, easy track that you close your eyes when it’s on and just listen. This is contemplative gold, hale and hearty with the soft sound of acoustic instrumentation and singer Shadwick Wilde’s delightful croon. This is a pretty song, the kind of thing that I could likely bond with my father over, which is no small feat; this bridges gaps in a way that feels earnest and organic.

That sense of cinema is juxtaposed by a lighthearted video that sees Wilde roaming the city on a cloudy day, a low-key cupid with a soft swagger and sly looks. Is this character up to no good, or just looking for love in all the wrong places, to crib a line? It’s hard to say, but such is the beauty of interpretation. What you get here though, is a sense of whimsy and boredom, feelings often alien to adults lost in their own way just keeping up with the joneses, so to speak. You lose yourself in that rat race and forget how to love, whether that’s the romantic sort of thing, or just loving yourself and the world around you, which is as beautiful as you let it be.

Let this old man have his Cat in the Cradle moment and take a peep for yourself below.

Quiet Hollers’ new record Amen Breaks is set to be released July 7th via sonaBLAST! Records; preorder it here.