NN PRESENTS: 10 of our Favorite Songs 1/2WAY Through 2017

Well, we’re (almost) half way through 2017, and to celebrate we at Never Nervous want to talk about a few of our favorite homegrown songs that were released over the course of the last 6 months. We chose an even 10 tracks that were forged only by Louisville bands and artists and listed them in no particular order. No, these aren’t the only songs that we like, just a few that have resonated with us. Shit, if you asked us tomorrow, we’d probably come up with a completely different list, so forgive us if your favorite band/artist isn’t represented.

WHITE REAPER – “Eagle Beach”
This has become a sort of personal party anthem for my own Summer 2017. It’s got catchy, distorted guitars and light keyboards and a killer solo that serves as the icing on the proverbial cake. When listening to this track, do as instructed by the blokes in that Australian horror flick Wake In Fright: DRINK YOUR BEER. – Phil Olympia

KALEIDICO – “If Mo•Jo Come”
I’m not sure that I really understand how a track can be both this catchy and this creepy all at once. Matt Moore stepped up his game on the newest album, a tall feat if there was one. The vocal work here, including the pitched, chopped, and screwed elements is just remarkable, for a haunting and beguiling track with a lot of gravitas. – Syd Bishop

It’s hard to choose just one song off of Frederick the Younger’s album Human Child because there are so many that are my top favorite songs of 2017, but sometimes decisions must be made so I choose Lioness! I love how the intro stalks in slowly like a beast and then the song pounces right up on you with the hook. The melodies in this song are so catchy and the lyrics are so clever that when I see them play it live I about lose my damn mind jumping around like a maniac! It’s a straight up brilliant and beautiful song! – Joann Jene

JAMES LINDSEY – “30,000 Ft.” (featuring Twin Limb)
James Lindsey returned with a new record after a several year hiatus. It didn’t disappoint and 30,000 ft (featuring Twin Limb) was my favorite. “I had to get out of reach to know nothing’s out of reach.” – Allen Poe

Aside from this song, I’m still mostly unaware Future Killer’s intentions. I have yet to hear any other songs, and haven’t seen them live yet (that will change at Poorcastle). However, I’m highly attracted to this energetic toe-tapper that radiates with a psychedelic dose of glistening vibraphone while maintaining an early Talking Heads vibe. As Johnny Carson might say, “This is weird, wild stuff!”– Phil Olympia

BODY DOUBLE – “Giving Your Man Just a Taste”
There is no tougher riff than the lead synth bass in this track, backed by the rhythmatic plodding of Asm A Tik/Straight A’s alum Sean Roberts. The brainchild of Andrew Padon, this is a harsh and uncompromising bopper that demands that you bang out to this. I’m serious. This is like the Son of Sam dog, but just for hard bops and not for murdering. – Syd Bishop

RMLLW2LLZ – “So Amerikkkan”
Romell spits three of his hardest verses ever over a superb Eons D production. These two are a powerful duo and I’m stoked to hear the rest of the forthcoming album. – Jake Hellman

WAX FANG– “Serenity Now”
Since it’s release a short while ago, Victory Laps has remained a go-to in my rotation as every damn song on it is fucking fantastic. Having said that, picking one as a “favorite” seems impossible, but I’m gonna go with “Serenity Now”. It’s sounds like the most rock and roll tune that Cat Stevens never wrote, with maybe a dash of John Frusciante flavoring.– Phil Olympia

LOCAL HAUNT – “Sweet and Sour”
Have you heard Local Haunt? Have you heard CELS? Fix that and do it now here all in one stop with the amazing Sweet and Sour. I just heard this over the weekend and I still feel confident putting this on that list. So good. Super chill stuff that’s smooth as silk and oh so fancy. Put this on break hearts, like a cassanova boss that’s got the pulse on the hottest cuts in town. – Syd Bishop

OTIS JUNIOR & DR. DUNDIFF – “Bye From Space”
Otis Junior and Dundiff dropped Hemispheres this year, which was fantastic. But I’ll take “Bye From Space,” as a sleeper, because who knew Louisville’s fast rising soul star could low key rap as well? – Allen Poe

WORTH MENTIONING: As I said before, if you were to ask us to tell you about 10 of our favorite songs from 2017 tomorrow (or any other day), we’d probably come up with a totally different list. Is there a song that you believe we’ve criminally neglected to mention? Hip us to something we’re not familiar with by telling us in the comments!