LISTEN: Black Lung Unit – Disappeared b/w Sideways

It’s always a pleasure to unveil new bops and that’s just what we have in store today. Known for his gritty hip-hop producer, Filthy Rich has recently switched gears up a bit, teaming up with Matt Clayton on the Black Lung Unit, a duo with an almost rock opera temperament as filtered through Filthy’s grimy Nine Inch Nails inspired production. Dropping two songs today, the BLU are killing it already with Disappeared, a timely track that tackles the 15 minutes of fame that the internet grants you in the time of big media paranoia. There is an irony here in such a boldly provocative voice forcibly telling you to keep your voice down, the central thesis (and hook) of the track. It’s that kind of clever play with tension that drives the music. Click click (boom) on that Disappeared link below to see what all the fuss is about.

Clayton’s operatic delivery continues with Sideways, which has a sinister groove that builds the foundation. Here again, his voice has a degree of malleability reserved for Mike Patton or someone like that, just very fluid, but confident all the same. The themes here are comparably complex, a take on hyper-masculinity and the race to being the toughest. Like with Disappeared, Clayton’s voice is positioned front and center, with a powerful narrative leading the charge. This is very direct music that smartly juxtaposes the music with the content to allow for multiple listens. To be clear, you can hear layers here, from the unflinchingly industrial heavy synth and guitar work, to the minor key slant. This is catchy music that should and very easily could crush most radio rock. Hell, in my day this would’ve been just that; the heady follow up to Marilyn Manson that the world clamored too. Get off my porch 2017 and listen to Sideways below.