BEHOLD: The PRFBBQ 2017 Lineup Has Arrived!

Now might be the time to diversify your bonds and invest in earplug stock, because the 2017 PRFBBQ is here to obliterate your higher frequencies. Do you like the kind of noisy bops that would make Thurston Moore or King Buzzo do a backflip? If the answer is yes (and who doesn’t want to picture either of those two flipping out), then the PRFBBQ is your scene. This is straight up amplifier worship of the rowdiest order, the sort of jams that make you want to wig out and scream along as the whole thing sinks.

I’ll bet you money that someone has one of those fancy metal neck guitars that look like they’re trying to channel Steve Albini’s astral form, a twangy swagger that never shrinks away from enormous riffs and a mean ass sneer. There are some boss bands playing this year too, like the reunited Cherubs, the dirge metal of Wailin Storms, or the raucous and ever brutal Buildings to name just a few. All that and you get local bangers like Asm A Tik and Waxeater to show these out of towners how we crush shit here in Louisville.

The PRFBBQ is always a good time, running this year from August 31st to September 3rd, spread out over three venues. Thursday night is at Monnik Beer Company, Friday at the Mag, and Saturday and Sunday at Zanzabar. That following Monday you just listen to Stars of the Lid and apologize to your future self for the damage you did to your hearing and probably liver. But know that you did it for a good cause, because the good folks at the PRFBBQ are awesome like that, with proceeds going to benefit the annual Girls Rock Louisville Camp. How cool is that? (Spoiler: very)

Check out the full list below and expect a detailed breakdown on who is playing and when they’re playing soon, so that you can plan your weekend accordingly. Keep your eyes peeled here (or don’t… that sounds gross and awful) for the deets as they become available.


Want more? Why not get your rowdy stoked by listening to the annual PRFBBQ sampler featuring every band below. If you’re at work, blast it out loud and punish the people in your cubicle with boss boppers. You know you want to.