LISTEN: Local Haunt – “Sweet & Sour”

Local Haunt returns with Sweet & Sour, the first foray into a collaboration with CELS. As such, this is every bit as shrouded in darkness, sultry cool with all of the swag that came before in a neat package. The production is pure velvet perfection, a minimalist electronic approach to the genre that would make DROPXLIFE or Clams Casino weep with joy. This is the fog on a cool Autumn night, the air crisp, your breath steam as it hits the air. You roll the window up to this and turn it up, the only light the cold glow of your headlights, the LED on the dashboard.

This is cinematic in scale, but urgent and vulnerable all at once, a song just for you, but for every other “you” out there. That tension is carefully ratcheted up as the song progresses to its climax, a visceral kind of imminence on the horizon of change for better or worse. Ruminate to this and learn from it.

Listen below and get lost in the haze.