WIG OUT! Get the deets on the Poorcastle After-Parties!

If you’ve ever wondered what is more awesome than Poorcastle, we have your answer: more Poorcastle! Today the fest has announced two nights on the non-stop party train. Toot toot, jerks! Both hosted at the Highlands Taproom, the events serve to further highlight the best and brightest blazing in our city right now, with two bands each night. Friday night features the incomparable Aby Laby Land and the mutated power punk of Wombo. Saturday is the mighty Planetary Overdrive and the aptly named The Nightbirds, who croon hard with a soulful alt-country verve and the sweet voice of Isaac Mingo.

This is a sensible way to keep the good times rolling, given the limited lineup and reasonable start time, at least for an after party. Show up with a Poorcastle wrist band and you can grab exclusive Ale8 drinks and specials. I don’t know exactly what that is, but it sounds super delicious. The good news is that you can hit the show up, get just a little more awesomeness into your earholes, hit the hay, and roll back down to Apocalypse Brew Works Saturday and Sunday to keep at it without feeling groady and tired, because sleep is the best, but so is rad jams. Keep it raw with Poorcastle for the low cost of $0 for their after party, Friday, July 7th, and Saturday, July 8th.

Get fired up by rocking out this new Wombo cut below and just imagine yourself wigging out live.