LISTEN: Zack Stefanski – “You’re on Fire” & “As If”

Man, Zack Stefanski is just all kinds of cool. Seriously, the first two singles off of his upcoming album Fancy Boy thoughtful meditations on not only pop, but sound in general. Everything happening here is just so on purpose, from the vocal manipulations to the bouncing beats to the twee compositional work. There is a lot of space in this music for Stefanski’s voice to work, a clean and unwavering kind of honesty laid bare and plain. There is nothing plain about the overall work though, which recalls the best moments of Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, and a little Talking Heads in for the mix. This is clever music made durable to repeat listen, the sort of music that you listen to for the Easter Eggs and new sounds that creep in and out.

Listen below and get stoked on his new record, dropping this summer.