INTERVIEW: Jake talks about Quiet Hollers performing on WHAS11’s Great Day Live!

Let’s be clear, Jake is our dude too, so expect bias. That said, Quiet Hollers is an amazing band and they do deserve your attention. And now our boy is TV Famous too, and probably got the opportunity to shake Terry Meiners hand. Not sure if that’s good or not, but we’ll find out here in a bit. You can listen to a new Quiet Hollers track here, but be warned that you might get down, so maybe don’t listen at work. You can watch their performance below and catch them this Saturday for free at the Iroquois Amphitheater and again at this year’s Forecastle! We caught up to Jake to ask about fashion, free food, and potential rap battles with Terry Meiners.

Never Nervous: Is this your first time on local television? If not, tell us about any other experiences. If so, how’d you get psyched up?

Jake Hellman: This wasn’t my first time on local TV. Quiet Hollers played last year’s Crusade for Children. Both experiences were very professional and a lot of fun. Usually before a recorded performance I get a fair amount of nerves. I try to channel that into positive energy and let it all out in the performance.

NN: What went into your outfit selection? How do you get styled out to look fly on TV?

JH: I like to wear black. That’s usually my thought process. Although I’m really into floral prints right now, especially if they clash with each other.

NN: Relative to that, do you have a favorite show outfit? Fashion is important, I think.
(EDITOR’S NOTE: Syd wears cargo shorts)

JH: If I’m being completely honest, I have two black shirts and two pairs of black pants. That’s my go to. Sometimes, especially in the summer, they don’t survive an entire week of playing, so then I reluctantly switch it up. That being said, I am in the process of looking for more floral stuff. Got any leads for me?

NN: How did QH come up with what songs to play? Were you restricted in any way?

JH: I think we all wanted to play “Medicine,” because that is the single that was just released. We chose “Pressure” second, because we wanted to be loud and nasty on morning television. I hope it came off that way.

NN: Are you stoked to play at the Iroquois Amphitheater? What’s the biggest show you’ve played at this point?

JH: I’m really excited to play Iroquois Amphitheater. Being a part of GlobaLou Americana’s Celebration of Diversity and Community is a huge honor and something we find to be very important. It will be an enriching experience outside of getting to play. On top of that, this is the venue that I saw Neutral Milk Hotel at a few years ago. It sounded amazing and was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. I’ve wanted to play there ever since that night.

As cheesy as this may sound, I have no idea what the biggest show I’ve ever played is. I try to treat every show the same no matter how many people are there. I know that’s an old trope in the music business, but I truly feel that way. I feel lucky to be playing music at all, so if even one person wants to watch me they are going to get everything I have.

“I feel lucky to be playing music at all, so if even one person wants to watch me they are going to get everything I have.”

NN: Relative to that, do you feel like TV appearances help with your draw in any way?

JH: It definitely does if you are promoting a specific show. Even if I had no clue, it would have been worth a shot for this show since it is such a great event for the community as a whole. You may think that nobody our age watches Great Day Live, but somehow it’s on everyday in my house since I moved back to Louisville. Plus, this Saturday is an all day event and we play at 6:30pm. So you can come out and bring Grandma and the kids with you. It’s a beautiful thing.

NN: Did Great Day Live give you free food? I mean, they’ve got to at least give the bands coffee, maybe bagels, right?

JH: No food, but there was coffee. Much needed coffee. I was up at 5am this morning to get ready and load our stuff up before soundcheck.

NN: How was Terry Meiners? Did he try to fight you? Did you have a rap battle? Would you?

JH: Terry Meiners is a great talent. I know how hard it can be to act natural in front of a camera and this guy is there at 7am Monday thru Friday with a great attitude and cracking jokes. I respect that. He does seem to have an wild obsession with Aaron’s beard however. He claimed it was about all beards, but I don’t think he noticed mine.

“Terry Meiners is a great talent.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: A video has been made a video about Terry Meiners and his obsession with beards. Enjoy it below:

NN: Tell us the coolest thing about being in Quiet Hollers at the moment?

JH: The coolest thing at the moment is this wild video for the song “Pressure” that we’re working on. I have high hopes for it and I’m getting to do some bucket list type of stuff in the video. We’re working with Mike Thompson of Missing Reels. He just did Romell’s video for So Amerikkkan, which is probably my favorite thing that has come out locally this year.

Outside of that video it’s really exciting to be coming out with a new record, Amen Breaks, July 7th. For the first time in my life I can call myself a signed musician thanks to SonaBlast! records. Then Forecastle will basically be our album release party the next week. I’m just taking it all in and enjoying every moment of it.