BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: Tears For Fears brought back memories at The Louisville Palace 5/21

My earliest memory of hearing music and attempting to make something of it was in the back of my Dad’s car as a kid listening to “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”. That song happened to be what Tears For Fears opened up with Sunday night effectively setting the mood for the remainder of the evening. 10 seconds into their set, and I was in a good place ready to enjoy a treasured band from yesteryear.

As I’ve experienced at almost every show I’ve attended at The Louisville Palace, the sound was incredible. From the dueling vocals of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith down to the drums and keyboards, every note was decipherable and sounded great. The band themselves performed like the seasoned professionals that they are, but they seemingly never lost interest in the crowd or appeared to be running through the motions. There was plenty of English-accented banter between songs making for a truly intimate experience, despite being 20+ rows back from the stage.

While I’m hardly a Tears For Fears superfan, I do really enjoy their Songs From The Big Chair record as well as a few select chart toppers from other albums. They went on to perform a few of my personal favorites including “Pale Shelter” and “Head Over Heels” and a few other familiar tunes like “Sowing The Seeds Of Love” and “Mad World”.

Watch a video of the band playing “Pale Shelter” after a bit of joking with the crowd:

I believe I can speak for the entire audience in saying that everyone in the building was completely caught off guard when the band played Radiohead’s “Creep”. Their rendition was mostly faithful to the original with a bit of restraint on the “heavier” parts. Throughout the song the (mostly older) crowd jovially sang along making for a surprising, albeit weird experience.

My only complaint is that the band, for whatever reason neglected to play “Woman In Chains” which might be my favorite Tears For Fears song. Oh well. The band made up for it with an awesome encore as they played “Shout” to close out the show.

Watch a video of Tears For Fears performing “Shout” below: