The Houston Rockets made a 2017 Montrezl Harrell Highlight video!

As a crucial member of the 2013 National Championship squad, Montrezl Harrell will forever be a fan favorite in the hearts of Louisville Basketball fans. There are several components of his game that are worth mentioning (blocked shots, rebounding, post defense), but when you mention the name Montrezl to anyone in this city, they will automatically think of one of the many rim crushing dunks he threw down over his three year tenure. Perhaps his most talked about dunk was in the championship game against Michigan where he threw down a nasty alleyoop from Peyton Siva. That dunk still gives me chills.

Now that Trez is in the NBA with the Houston Rockets, it’s no surprise to see him continue to ferociously dunk on everyone in his path. Now that the Rockets season is officially over (mostly due to that bizarre, abysmal game 6 performance from James Harden) we can reflect on Harrell’s breakout season as a pro by watching a killer highlight video put together by the Rockets.

Watch below as Trez dunks, dunks again, blocks a shot, dunks again, etc. You get the point.