WATCH: RMLLW2LLZ – “So Amerikkkan”

RMLLW2LLZ is back with a giant bang as his new track “So Amerikkkan” and the accompanying video have me excited!  The framing of the shots in the video are on point as we follow RMLLW2LLZ all the way from his bed, next to his wife and newborn, to the gym. Particularly incredible is the drone shot of the Black Lives Matter water tower with the Louisville skyline in the back.

Outside of the visuals, “So Amerikkkan” is a song that pulls no punches. Maybe that’s the reason he’s hitting everything in sight in the video. My favorite line on the track, “Fuck Trump, he’s a bum and Hillary’s trash too. Bevin you’re a dick and McConnell is ass too.” I couldn’t agree more.

“So Amerikkkan” is the first track from Romell’s upcoming release Concerto No. 9 Movement II.Watch the video and vibe out below.

EDITORS NOTE: This video was directed by Mike Thompson and the director of photography was Tommy Johns. You can find more of their work at