LISTEN: Bryson Tiller dropped 3 new tracks from his upcoming record!

Bryson Tiller has returned with a trio of new songs singles that will each be featured on his upcoming record True to Self. The first track in question is titled “Honey”, which is a fluid R&B/rap hybrid with a steady, minimalistic beat. This song if a bit different than anything from his debut record Trap Soul as there are no trap beats, and this isn’t a straight up soul/R&B track either. He walks a different line here, as he sings/raps through an open ended, atmospheric rhythm section.

Next up is “Somethin Tells Me”, which serves as a smooth-as-silk modern take on 90’s R&B. “Somethin’ tells me we ain’t gonna last baby” he repeats over and over throughout chorus of this almost tranquil track.

The third track (and maybe my favorite of the three) is “Get Mine”, which is more of a straight up hip hop cut that features Young Thug. Tiller’s flow served over this hard hitting trip beat takes me back to songs of his like “Rambo” or “502 Come up”, two of my favorite songs from his last effort. Be sure to have your car windows down and your stereo speakers turned all the way while listening to this track.

True To Self is set to be released June 23; preorder it here.