LISTEN: Quiet Hollers – “Medicine”

When I read that the title of the new Quiet Hollers single was titled “Medicine” I immediately thought of that Jeffrey Dahmer story where he was sitting in a high school classroom drinking vodka when a a fellow student asked him why he was drinking liquor in class. He replied “It’s my medicine.”

Why did I think of this story (that may or may not be true)? Well, most folks (myself included) are constantly suffering from some sort of mental condition. Whether it be a form of anxiety, depression, or in Dahmer’s case, debilitating psychosis, everyone is dealing with some rendition of their own “wackedy schmackedy” that forces them into a decision of how to treat the problem. Counseling? Drugs? Alcohol? It’s all medicine, right?

“Medicine” effectively delves into this never-ending plight, but from Quiet Hollers frontman Shadwick Wilde’s vantage point. The song is mostly centered around a repetitive, groovy guitar/bass line that serves as the perfect canvas for Wilde’s soulful vocals. It’s got an almost bluesy connotation that I don’t remember sensing on their last record which was a bit surprising on my first listen. Having said that, if this is the direction that these fellas are headed, I’m most definitely on board.

This song serves as the first single from QH’s upcoming record Amen Breaks which is set to be released July 7th via sonaBLAST! Records; preorder it here. Listen to “Medicine” below (the track is also streaming on Spotify):